Arabica Coffee Beans

Arabica is the most popular type of coffee tree that is used to made coffee all over the world.

Coffee Arabica

Content of caffeine in arabica coffee beans different. Maximum quantity of caffeine contains arabica grows in Colombia. As a whole, content of caffeine depends on location of plantation. That is the height of arabica plantations above-sea level, composition of the soil. For example, arabica beans harvest from mountain plantation, contains half as much caffeine than coffee from the “valley” plantations. If you need a light tonic effect should choose the “mountain” arabica, but if you want more active exciting effect, should choose arabica coffee harvested in the valleys.
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Right away after harvest arabica is worked. This is done to separate the grain from the shell. There are two ways of processing coffee beans on arabica plantations – dry and wet. Depending on that distinguish “dry”, “completely washed” and “half-washed”. Method of arabica work base on how much water available in the area. Availability of special equipment for work of arabica beans also has significance. So arabica subject to dry work in Brazil and Ethiopia. All other countries traditionally subject to wet work.


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Arabica Beans

Arabica – is a species of coffee trees. It grows mainly in tropical Asia and Africa. If arabica isn’t pruned, the coffee tree can grow up to six metres high! But, of course, with artificial cultivation arabica is pruned to 2-3 meters. This is doing for the convenience of harvest.

Arabica looks beautifully: gray bark, dark-green leaves high gloss, very fragrant white flowers. At the same time with flowers on arabica appear fruit – coffee beans. The envelope arabica fruit can be red, and purple color.

Harvesting of arabica coffee beans has some peculiarity. The fruit arabica set during year and mature about 6-8 months. That is, on one tree can be ovary and flowers and fruit that makes machine harvesting arabica beans difficult. Probably, this is only possible in Brazil where harvest mature almost simultaneously. In other countries the arabica beans gather by hands. And also use another interesting way – shake off ripe arabica fruit for special bedding.

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